Taping & Wrapping Assignment Options

In an effort to continue to improve the Coaching Authorization Program at the NEACA we are now offering our coaching course students two options to complete their taping & wrapping procedure requirements:

Option #1

Current Practice – watch the direct video instruction inside the course module and video tape yourself performing the taping procedures. You then upload those videos to your YouTube Channel or your Google Drive Folder and provide the NEACA with the link to access the videos through the assignment submission portal.

Option #2

Sign-Off Form – you may get “signed-off” on the taping procedures from a Currently Licensed Athletic Trainer in the state of Iowa. The trainer will be required to watch you perform the required taping procedures and then verify that you have successfully performed those procedures by filling out and signing the NEACA Athletic Taping Verification Form.

The NEACA Athletic Taping Verification Form will need the athletic trainer to provide:

  • Print Athletic Trainers First & Last Name
  • Athletic Trainers Signature
  • Print Students First & Last Name
  • Students Signature
  • Date of Completion
  • Credentials
  • Current State of Iowa License Number

We will verify that the athletic trainer has a current State of Iowa License. If you can not find a trainer that has a current license in the state of Iowa you will be required to do option #1.