Parent-Coach Course: Best Practices for Mental Health in Athletics


Coaches always say that Sports is 90% Mental but they don’t manage the mental health of their athletes. This is the course to help coaches and parents do that!



We have to start looking at the Mental Health of our athletes through a different lens. We are more stressed, have more anxiety, are more depressed, have more uncertainty and are more isolated than ever before in human history. It’s crucial to have awareness surrounding the most common mental health issues that our athletes and students are coming across. This course will bring that awareness to the forefront and provide a great starting point for everyone.

Suicide rates in teens are rising daily and that includes student-athletes. Coaches are more stressed and quitting at the highest rate we have ever seen. Technology is creating more stress and anxiety than ever before. This is all in addition to the pressure to win, get scholarships and being held to a higher standard than the general student population.

This course is more important NOW THEN EVER BEFORE!


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