Iowa Transitional Coaching Authorization

The Iowa Transitional Coaching Authorization is a FASTER more STREAMLINED path to getting on the court, field, diamond or mat!You are able to take the Transitional Coaching Authorization course as well as complete the additional requirements to be authorized to coach for 1 YEAR. Within that 12 month time frame you must complete the remaining 4 courses that make up the Traditional Coaching Authorization Course. These supplemental courses are available at SWCC and the AEA PD Online.

***** You are only able to utilize the Transitional Coaching Authorization ONE TIME! If you do not complete the additional requirements within the 12 month time frame the ONLY option you will have is to take the ENTIRE 55 Hour Traditional Coaching Authorization course to become certified to coach.

The most important part of the FASTER process is UNDERSTANDING THE PROCESS TO FOLLOW! By following the new streamlined process in order you can significantly reduce the time it takes to start coaching. The process is as follows:

  1. You must be 21 years of age or older
  2. Start and complete your file folder at the BoEE – click HERE to start your folder
  3. Fill out the application & PAY THE FEE
  4. Complete the Fingerprint Background Check (this can take up to 2-3 weeks)
  5. Register for the Transitional Coaching Authorization Course through the AEA. You can complete this course in approximately 2 days

Understand that if you take the course first you will be waiting for the fingerprint background check to get completed before you will be given your coaching authorization.

Also – coaching authorization submissions are completed in the order they are submitted so please give yourself the appropriate time to get your file completed, fingerprint background check returned and for processing of your file paperwork, which includes the course transcript from the AEA.

Click the button below to Register for the Transitional Coaching Authorization Course through the AEA PD Online.