Coaching Authorization – Renewal

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This course provides 4 Renewal Credits for the Coaching Authorization Certification. Within this course you will take

  1. Athletic Communication for Coaches
  2. Building The Best Environment For Athletes
  3. The Most Recruitable Athlete Possible
  4. NFHS Concussion Course

At the end of this course you will be provided a Certificate of Completion that you will upload to your BOEE folder.


Please make sure that you watch each and every video, and then complete the assignment at the end of each video. Once you have a completed the assignment, and submit it in the designated assignments section, each assignment gets reviewed. Once reviewed, you can hit the Blue “Mark Complete” button to continue onto the next module.  Once you complete the entire course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Instructions for Completing this course. Please make sure you watch the entire video below and then complete the assignments below each video. Once you are approved through each assignment, You will be able to progress onto the next one. Once the final assignment is complete, you will be emailed a certificate of course completion that can be uploaded to your BoEE file folder.