Parent-Coach Course: Best Practices for Mental Health in Athletics

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Stress and Anxiety are a common challenge for both athletes and coaches in athletics. Unfortunately these issues are often only dealt with when an athlete is in a slump or is not producing at their normal capacity. We often hear that “success in athletics is 90% mental” or “it’s all above the shoulders” and then we turn around and spend 90% of our time on skill drills, techniques, tactics, strength & conditioning.

NOW – In today’s society there are even more situations and scenarios that are creating and causing mental health concerns. Our athletes are not facing normal situations. Many have had their seasons cancelled, are isolated and massive levels of stress concerning the future of their athletic career.

As coaches we are often in the best position to recognize Mental Health concerns in our athletes. Unfortunately, we don’t have the background or awareness to be prepared to recognize or detect many of these challenges. With that, we must be prepared with steps, strategies and solutions to assist with whatever challenges arise in our programs concerning the mental health of our student athletes.

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