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Classroom Management Starts HERE:

There is no doubt that classroom management is one of the most useful skills that an educator can have. The challenge is that classroom management is not a result as much as it is a process. To often the idea is that if students are seen and not heard and they OBEY then you have quality classroom management skills – nothing could be further from the truth!

Maintaining a classroom that allows teachers to teach and students to learn can be challenging if you manage your classroom from the perspective of a teacher. To have incredible classroom management you need to start with a commitment to one thing:


Creating a classroom that is driven by respect supersedes all other standards by which punishment tries to survive! No matter what generation you are educating they have all desired a very simple thing – respect. When a student can emotionally internalize that they are respected by the teacher they will reciprocate unconditionally.

The attitude, and culture of your classroom will take on a very different tone when your students are driven by respect versus rules! Remember when we were taught that the very first day of class was to be used to create “Mutual Classroom Rules” with the students. Well – for 20 years my first day of class was very simple and went like this:

“My name is Mr. Brandt and I am very excited to have you in class this semester. The first thing we are supposed to do is write out classroom rules that we all agree on that will direct our behavior. I will start with a question – does everyone here know what RESPECT is and what it means to be respectful? – Great – now that I know everyone understands what respect is and what it looks like I have another question – does anyone want to be disrespected by me or anyone else in this classroom? Great – since nobody wants to be disrespected and everyone wants to have respect shown to them AND everyone understands and knows what respect looks and sounds like I think we have our rules for the semester – anyone have any questions?”

I sent the least amount of students to the principals office over a 10 year span in the inner city school district in Phoenix, Arizona. Respect is where classroom management starts!

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