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The National Education & Athletic Certification Association has been decades in the making. Educators give so much of themselves to the profession that it was absolutely crucial that one of our own created a way to continuously advance in our profession while maintaining as much work-life-balance as possible!

The Right Time

There has never been a time in human history that educators can do more AND get more out of the profession than right now.

- Tyler Brandt

With the advent of all of the technology that we posses we can not only teach at a capacity that was previously unknown to us but we can also learn at the same rate. By utilizing group knowledge and resources as well as all of the technology possible, every teacher, administrator and coach can gain knowledge and advance their careers at record pace.

At the NEACA we are committed to standing along side you in the quest for excellence in the classroom, the locker room and in the principals office. We have engaged a community of incredible educators to ensure that this will be an incredibly positive experience for you.

Thank You

Tyler Brandt


  1. Atem Akok

    Does the coaching authorization class count for one college credit?

    1. coachbrandt

      Atem – No it does not.

    2. coachbrandt

      Atem – it does count for 1 teaching renewal credit and I also offer an option that it counts toward graduate degree credit. Let me know if any of those options interest you.

  2. Roger Finley

    Is there a way to leave a video and come back to where you left off?

    1. coachbrandt

      made an adjustment – you should be good to go now!

  3. Rachel R Schoenig

    Coach Brandt, is there only one video to watch – Unit 1 – prior to the assignments for the Structure & Function of the Human Body? It looks like there should be additional units based on the intro slides but only Unit 1, Human Anatomy, plays. Do we use the e-book for the other two units?

    1. coachbrandt


  4. abireiland

    I just submitted an assignment for a renewal activity…I’m just wondering how long it normally takes to have that reviewed so I can move onto the next course. Thank you!

    1. coachbrandt

      Usually a few hours and never more than a day. I approved your assignment so you can move ahead.

      1. abireiland

        thank you!

  5. aschoepf

    The instructions for the assignment for becoming the most recruitable athlete were a little vague… not sure exactly what you are looking for. It says 3 separate paragraphs on 3 separate topics… so a total of 9 paragraphs? or 1 paragraph each on 3 sep topics (total of 3)? Then, I didn’t realize they had to be reviewed before moving on, so I tried uploading the paragraphs on separate documents thinking that maybe it had to show 3 uploads before moving on… Anyway, I think some clarification on the instructions would be helpful. Thanks.

    1. coachbrandt

      That is an easy fix. For the renewal I was only asking for 3 paragraphs per module. There are 3 modules (Coaching communication – building the best environment – recruitable athlete), so you will submit a 3 paragraph paper for each one of those modules answering the basic question – what did you like or learn in the video series of that module.

      I will clean those instructions up – Thanks.

      Coach Brandt

  6. marty schumann

    I have finished the course and it shows completed but I do not see where a certificate is issued. Will one be e-mailed to me so I can apply for my authorization?

    1. coachbrandt

      Marty – Yes. Southwestern Community College is tapped into the backend and is immediately emailed a Verification of Completion that triggers the processing of your certificate on their end.

  7. abbytiarks99

    I have taken Human Biology as a college course and sent my transcript in to be reviewed by Steve Mitchell. He said that course satisfied the Structure and Function of the Human Body. How am I able to not have to go through that section in this course?

    1. coachbrandt

      Abby – send an email to and we can discuss this issue. Thanks

  8. kingspie2002

    Good Afternoon Coach,

    Just giving you a heads up that I am waiting on authorization for “parents meeting” section in order to move onto the quiz and part 3 of the authorization program.

    My apologies for being a bother. Thank you for all you do.

    Doug Smith

    1. coachbrandt

      Doug – Check your email.


      Coach Brandt

  9. brettdeneve

    The code is not coming up? I waited refreshed and even logged out. Please help! Thanks!

    1. coachbrandt

      Check your email!!

  10. Mallory

    My code will not generate!!

    1. coachbrandt

      Check your email – That is an AEA challenge. I have CC’d you in won an email with them.

  11. Emily Becker

    It won’t let me log in. I’ve clicked resend my password and reset it twice. I completed the first two assignments. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    1. coachbrandt

      Emily – have you been able to login? I have approved your assignments so you can advance.

      1. Emily Becker

        Everytime I log in is still says–failed. I have reset my password also. Any ideas? Thanks for the quick response! I appreciate it!

        1. coachbrandt

          Did you get my email with the new password?

          1. beckere

            I got it and it worked like a charm. Thank you! 🙂

          2. coachbrandt


          3. beckere

            I think I’ve completed everything in the first unit, how do I get to coaching theory and methods?

          4. coachbrandt

            Did you pass the quiz?

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