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The National Education & Athletic Certification Association has been decades in the making. Educators give so much of themselves to the profession that it was absolutely crucial that one of our own created a way to continuously advance in our profession while maintaining as much work-life-balance as possible!

Welcome – This Is The Right Time

There has never been a time in human history that educators can do more AND get more out of the coaching profession than right now.

- Tyler Brandt

With the advent of all of the technology that we posses we can not only teach at a capacity that was previously unknown to us but we can also learn at the same rate. By utilizing group knowledge and resources as well as all of the technology possible, every teacher, administrator and coach can gain knowledge and advance their careers at record pace.

At the NEACA we are committed to standing along side you in the quest for excellence in the classroom, the locker room and in the administrative office’s. We have engaged a community of incredible educators to ensure that this will be an incredibly positive experience for you.

Thank You

Tyler Brandt


  1. Nicole Lampe

    I’m taking the coaching renewal for the state of Iowa. I have watched the first video and uploaded the answers to the first video, but it will not allow me to move on. Please advice. My email is

    Thank you!

    1. coachbrandt

      Nicole – we personally check every assignment and then assign points. At that point you can advance or you may have to resubmit your assignment. I have approved your assignments & you can move forward.

      1. Nicole Lampe

        I realized I already have the concussion section from another class. Is a refund possible for this section?

        1. coachbrandt

          That is not included in the cost as it is a free certification. We just link you over to the NFHS Website anyway.

  2. Jim Hughes

    What else would I need to do after completing this course to be able to coach in Iowa

    1. coachbrandt


      The state requires that you are CPR Certified, you have the Concussion Course completed, that you have a Fingerprint background check completed and you complete an approved 55 Contact Hour coaching certification course.

  3. Andy greiner

    I completed the first section of the coaching authorization renewal package and it will not allow me to continue to class 2. Please advise. Thank you-Andy

    1. Jason Clark

      Hello Andy,

      Your assignments must be manually approved before you can continue on in the course. You are now able to progress as the assignments looked great! I have included instructions on the top of the course as well.

  4. sherri lewis

    I have completed listening to renewal #1 and renewal #2 I guess I don’t understand what needs to be done to complete and get credit for these courses? Please advise. Thank you

  5. BlayzeGrotegut

    Im not able to edit the e work book so would it be alright if i copied and pasted it into a google doc and worked on it in there then upload it?
    gmail thanks

    1. coachbrandt

      Blayze – I replied a few days ago but wanted to make sure you saw it. You can most certainly upload a word doc. with the answers.


      Coach Brandt

  6. Andy Vitzthum


    I am requesting a refund on my coarse I purchased for my coaching endorsement. I don’t know who to contact. I have not started the coarse and I am within the 30 days of purchase. Please let me know what you need from me. Thanks, Andy Vitzthum

    1. coachbrandt

      Please check your email – I have replied there.


      Coach Brandt

  7. Kellie Drury


    I have completed Listening to Renewal #1 & #2- I have also submitted my assignments. How do I know what is next? My email is hopefully I am not missing anything.

    -Kellie Drury

    1. coachbrandt


      When your assignments are approved you will be moved to complete status and can immediately retrieve your certificates that you will upload to your folder at the BOEE.


      Coach Brandt

  8. BlayzeGrotegut

    Ive waited 6 days now and no one has checked my assignment, i also have rush so does that mean i should get my 80 dollars back

    1. coachbrandt

      After a review of your profile and assignments it looks like you submitted the Parent Meeting PPT in place of the Playtime Communication assignment. I am going to bet you have a resubmission email in your junk/spam from Jason Clark ( explaining as much. I will email Jason to verify but that is what I see is the issue. He will not be available until after he is done coaching with wrestling practice at Grandview University. We will be in touch soon.

      1. BlayzeGrotegut

        So does that mean coaching iowa high school wrestling this year is out of the question?

  9. BlayzeGrotegut

    I also never gotten an email stating anything about wrong submission

  10. Chris Whelan


    Is there any way to get a refund if you are within 30 days of purchasing the course and have not done any of the assignments?

    Thank you
    Chris Whelan

    1. coachbrandt

      Please check your email for my reply Chris.

  11. Chet Adams


    I submitted an assignment on 4/17 and it has not been reviewed. I do have the RUSH so I am wanting to get moving on my other assignments. My email is

    1. coachbrandt

      Please see your email.

  12. Katy Sweeney

    I need to know how to do the gap renewal process – I have taken some of the courses while in College. I am unsure how to get the process started to have transcripts sent and where to renew.

  13. Nathan Kitzinger

    I have completed the course. Thanks for the quick turnaround on assignment checking!

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