Educated & Experienced

Every contributor to the NEACA is or has been a professional educator and coach. We do not claim to be experts in areas that we have never had personal experience. We have all dealt with the unruly student, the angry parent, the long hours, the poor pay and the loss of time with our family and LOSING!


Our courses are filled with information that doesn’t come out of a book because what comes out of books doesn’t always work! With over 100 years of classroom teaching & professional coaching experience in urban, suburban and rural settings you will find concepts, ideas and solutions for the daily challenges that you face.

The Credible Contributor

One thing that we know is credibility in the fields of athletics & education requires 3 things:

  1. Appropriate Level of Education
  2. Appropriate Amount of Success
  3. Appropriate Length of Time

To be a contributor at the NEACE for courses in education requires a minimum of a Masters Degree in education (or in the course field), 80% of the teaching evaluations must have been at the distinguished level and the educator must have taught in a minimum of two schools. To be an educator in the athletic courses a contributor must have coached individual or team state champions, been in the classroom a minimum of 10 years as well as had a winning record over a 10 year period.


  1. John Ulrichs

    where do you go to put the code in to start the course?

    1. coachbrandt


      That code is for the AEA Online system. You will enter that code on their platform to take the course.

  2. Steven

    Once I have completed this course, how to I go about getting my official coaching certificate?

    1. coachbrandt

      A notification will be sent to SWCC to process your offcial certificate and then when you receive that you will upload that to your folder at the BoEE. Then it is up to the BoEE to get your folder processed. They usually take about 7 days or so.

  3. Haley

    Can you take the course over a period of time? Like start and stop? Are there certain amounts of time you would have to set aside? Just want to get my head wrapped around this

    1. coachbrandt

      This is a completely online program that is self-paced. You can go through as fast or as slow as you like. We don’t have specific start or end dates and your program never expires!


      Coach Brandt

  4. Karlee Lippert

    Can I take this course if I have my teaching license?

    1. coachbrandt

      Yes you can. It will provide you with your coaching license.

  5. Angela Baumeister

    How do you get a code?

    1. coachbrandt

      You are sent one after you pay.

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