NEACA Vision

The vision at the NEACA is to continuously provide relevant contact that will advance professionals to become the very best version of themselves for their students, teachers, schools and community.

For The Students

We will deliver hot topic – relevant content that specifically addresses the challenges that teachers face on a daily basis that often keep them from delivering the best classroom lessons possible. Our destination is teaching excellence with a very student centric mind-set. These educational courses will bring professional development hours from sanctioned institutions so every educator can improve and move on the pay scale!

For The Teachers

Leadership is crucial to any organization and education is no different. Department chairs, assistant principals, athletic directors and principals are always on the lookout for ways to engage and increase teacher morale. We have a incredible depth of content designed at driving the best practices for educational leaders to get the most out of their faculty and staff.

For The School

No matter what position you hold in education there are some very serious truths: you don’t make a lot of money and you lose personal time ALL of the time! With that in mind every professional development educational course is built on the same platform used by hundreds of colleges across the country like the University of Michigan. We know that a user friendly, simple platform is what you are looking for to advance your skills and income from the comfort of your own home!

For The Community

Every community takes pride in their children and in their schools and at the NEACA we couldn’t be more proud to partner with you to enhance that feeling of pride. When the schools have outstanding education, activities and athletics everyone has something that they can get excited about!

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