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In 2013 I become a semi-retired. I spent 30 years in secondary and higher education as a teacher, coach and administrator. I knew that coaches weren’t paid enough and never had enough time for themselves or their families so I set out to build a coach-centric company that provided BOTH of those things. The NEACA provides a platform that turns the complicated coaching certification process into a simple solution that lets coaches keep their money and get their time back!

The National Education & Athletic Certification Association (NEACE) is an Iowa based certification organization. We focus on athletic specific content that will advance coaches knowledge, skills and ability to become more efficient and productive on the field, court, mat or diamond! We are proud to be Board of Educational Examiner Approved and have incredible educational partners in Southwestern Community College, Heartland AEA and Waldorf University, that provide transcripts to our students for recertification or teacher renewal credits.

We pride ourselves on our USER FRIENDLY Learning Management Platform! We constantly get feedback that other programs were to difficult to navigate and that the coaches appreciate that we have streamlined the certification, authorization and professional development process! We also have a SIGNIFICANT position of separation from EVERY OTHER program in the country – EVERY CONTRIBUTOR has been or currently is a COLLEGE ATHLETE OR COACH! Our content is NOT THEORY it is absolutely CURRENT PRACTICE! We are in the trenches EVERYDAY coaching, recruiting, fundraising and doing what coaches do – so you can be sure that the information you receive is CURRENT and COMPETENT!

Coach Tyler Brandt – President & CEO
Coach Brandt has been coaching athletes and coaches to Championships for 3 decades! With over 450 Total Wins in his coaching career. Along with coaching high school athletes to championships in football and wrestling as well as Track & Field, he has coached over 22 All-American Athletes at the collegiate level. During his 13 years at the collegiate level his teams were ranked Nationally 9 times. He has had athletes Nationally ranked in 11 of those 13  years. Coach Brandt was able to take his skill set into the Octagon and coach Professional Fighters in both the UFC and Bellator fight promotions. Coach Brandt has also been very successful working with college coaches and their programs to improve the effectiveness of their recruiting systems! When it comes to athletics or coaching – Coach Brandt has always been at the top of the podium!

Over the course of his career he noticed that coaches were consistently under prepared when they entered the profession causing them to spend years using trial and error as the measuring stick for how to improve as a coach. This clearly NEGATIVELY effected the athletes so he created the National Education and Athletic Certification Association (NEACA)! The goal is to give coaches the resources, knowledge and education to be successful from the start to their athletes can also reach their full peak potential! To date over 8K coaches and teachers have used the NEACA to gain certification, authorization or renewal and are raving about the ease of use, inexpensive program and the incredible content!



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