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7 Things A Successful Educator Should Do Everyday

Regardless of what level you are instructing students there are some tried and true methods that will help you not just be a more successful educator but also help your student learn more! Although these things may seem rudimentary at some level, remember that the likelihood that you are doing all 7 is very minute.

1. Learn
As educators we are often so focused on teaching that we forget to learn. One of the things that I hear most often from the teachers that I work with is that they “got into the education profession because of their love for learning.” The reality is that learning is so closely related to our “job” that we don’t engage in knowledge acquisition for fun.

2. Fuel
There is very little time during the day to get everything done and often that means skipping lunch or eating something quick and superficial at your desk. Unfortunately, reduces energy and perpetuates irritability sluggishness. It is crucial to properly fuel your body so you have a full tank of gas for your students.

3. Plan
We all know that lesson plans are good but they’re also time consuming. The biggest challenge is that we spend a considerable amount of time telling our student that they need to be better organized and follow a plan to ensure everything gets done. This is one of those scenarios that we need to practice what we preach – it will assist in the delivery of better lessons!

4. Engage
The students of today want to be engaged, they almost NEED to be engaged. By engaged I don’t mean standing in the from of the room lecturing for an hour – to them that is cruel & unusual punishment! A successful educator gets their students involved, moving & talking! This will produce magical results in your classroom!

5. Allow
It is crazy how many teachers refuse to accept that their students are digital natives! These kids can do more work on there phone in 5 minutes than they could ever do on a laptop in 15 minutes! Use twitter notes, use air play for presentations, let them submit vines for homework and so on! Embrace that these kids can do incredible things on their own devices!

6. Prep Period
I can’t tell you how often I used my prep period to simply get some peace & quiet! Being able to use your prep time to take a deep breath and listen to silence requires that you are organized and prepared ahead of time but it can make all of the difference in walking out into the halls with a great attitude!

7. Work-Out
This is certainly one of those topics that teachers say “I would love to if I could find the time” – well, you have the time if you make the time! We all have busy schedules but even Socrates new that the mind couldn’t reach its full potential without the body doing the same! Staying in shape keeps your energy levels up and your morale even higher!
If you worked diligently at making sure that you did all 7 of these high performance tasks on a daily basis you would find your productivity would go through the roof!

Try them for 14 days then reach out to me at and let me know how it’s working!

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