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  • Authorization

    5 Year Certification

    This course covers all of the academic content that you need to coach (or volunteer to coach) in the State of Iowa. This course is approved by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. Our partner, Southwestern Community College, provides all students who complete this course with a transcript. The SWCC transcript is what you will upload to your BOEE folder. Get Your 5 Year Coaching Authorization Now
  • 1 Year Temporary Certification

    Anyone who is looking to earn their certification to coach (or volunteer to coach) faster then they could earn it taking the 55 Hour Coaching Authorization course can register for the Transitional Coaching Authorization course. The NEACA has partnered with Heartland AEA Online to provide this option to coaches who are needed in a hurry. The important aspect of this certification route is to know that you have 12 months from the time you receive your temporary coaching license to complete the Supplemental Coaching Course through the AEA Online Training System. Get Your Temporary Coaching Authorization Now & Fast
  • Finishing The Transitional Coaching Authorization

    If you took and completed the Transitional Coaching Authorization Course through the Heartland AEA Online Training System, you will need this course to transfer your Temporary Coaching Authorization to the FULL Coaching Authorization. The Supplemental courses need to be completed within 1 year of receiving the Transitional Coaching Authorization Certificate. If you do not complete the Supplemental Courses you will lose your coaching license and will not be allowed to coach until you have completed the FULL 55 Hour Coaching Authorization Course. Complete Your Transitional Coaching Authorization Now
  • 5 Coaching Renewal Credits

    After you have have earned your coaching authorization it will need to be renewed every 5 years. At the NEACA we have all 5 renewal credits available in one package that allows you to easily renew your coaching authorization. You will need to renew your CPR certification at an onsite course.

    Get Your Complete Coaching Renewal Package Now
  • 1 Teacher License Renewal Credit

    Certified teachers, who have a coaching endorsement, also need to renew their license every five years. The challenge for teachers that coach is finding high quality, inexpensive, athletic specific renewal content - WAIT NO MORE! The NEACA has partnered with the AEA Online Training System to offer an Athletic Specific teacher license renewal course that provides 1 teacher license renewal credit. We will be adding more of these teacher license renewal courses in the future.

    Get Your Teacher License Renewal Credit
  • Child & Adult Dependent Abuse Mandatory Reporter

    Anyone needing to obtain their Child & Adult Dependent Abuse Mandatory Reporter certification can do it here at the NEACA. As an approved provider through DHS and the BOEE you can take this course and get your certificate the SAME DAY! This is a combination course that covers the state of Iowa requirements for coaching as well as any other professional positions that require this certification. Get Your Mandatory Reporter Certification
  • Individual Courses for Coaching Authorization

    If you have already taken some coursework in college, we will evaluate your college transcripts and if it is determined that you DO NOT NEED all of the courses, then you are able to select only the course or courses that you need to complete the state mandated requirements.
    Take Philosophy & Ethics Now Take Coaching Communication & Theory Now Take Structure & Function of the Human Body Now Take Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries Now Take Human Growth & Development Now
  • Individual Coaching Renewal Activities

    If you have already completed some coaching renewal activities and do not need ALL of them then you can take Individual Activities here at the NEACA. You can take up to 3 individual renewal credits to complete the renewal process. This is a great option for Head Coaches that need to attend a rules meeting and will need to take the concussion course - now you have a place to complete your Coaching Authorization Renewal.

    Get Individual Renewal Activity #1 Now Get Individual Renewal Activity #2 Now Get Individual Renewal Activity #3 Now

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